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Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

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Manage & Display Soccer Tournament right from your WordPress Site. Create Competition, Match, Team, Events in just no times.

Engage your visitors by providing them football match updates using our cool floating bar. Any resources ( competitions, rounds, matches, matchdays, teams, standings, top scorers, top assists ) can be displayed anywhere using Shortcode.

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin


  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Ultra Responsive !!!
  • Custom CSS
  • Floating Bar
  • Recent, Upcoming & Live Matches
  • Ajax Powered
  • Competitions rounds: create round for group match, qualification & anything else
  • Competition rules – set custom points for Win/Draw/Loose condition
  • Automatic Standing Table, Top Scorers, Top Assists using match data
  • Match Previews and Reports
  • Match Events – scorers, bookings, cards, penalties, substitutions, man of the match
  • Match/Tournament Floating Bar with customizable colors
  • Simple Shortcodes
  • Import/Export data using WordPress native imported
  • One Click Feed Import – import & maintain top 6 Global Soccer Tournaments from our server (requires active item support)
  • Automatic Plugin Updates – maintained regular plugin updates
  • Documentation & Supports
  • Translation Ready, WPML Compatible


  • Standalone: Tweentyfifteen Theme
  • Competition: French Ligue 1
  • Team: Arsenal
  • Standing: English Premier League
  • Group Standing: UEFA Champions League

Floating Bar

Floating bar provides a convenient way for your visitor to get engaged with recent match details & navigate through available tournaments.
Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Completely Responsive !!

All of the templates are fully responsive. You can put them on widgets, content or within fixed elements, and templates will transform to fit within container properly

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

One Click Import !!

If you just want to host the most Popular Soccer information for you visitor, you can do so by simply importing the information with just a click.

Available Competition to import

  1. English Premier League
  2. Spanish Premier League
  3. German Bundesliga
  4. UEFA Champions League
  5. Italian Series A
  6. French Ligue 1

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Clean Admin Dashboard

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Edit/Manage Competition

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Edit/Manage Match

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Edit/Manage Team

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Team Template

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Happy Customers

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin Reviews

Built-in Upgrader

The plugin comes with a built-in Upgrader. You don’t have to manually download and install the plugin updates. It’s easy as like upgrading a free WordPress plugin from repository.

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Simple Shortcodes

  1. [wpse_competitions id=”comma separated competition ids” per_page=”number of matches to display in each load”] – Display Fixture, Result, Live Match, and Standing table for single or multiple competitions
  2. [wpse_competition id=”competition id”] – Output same as [wpse_competitions], except it’s only used for a single competition
  3. [wpse_matches competition=”comma separated competition ids” status=”fixture|result|cancelled|live” match=”comma separated match id”] – Display Matches by variaous attributes
  4. [wpse_standing
    id=”competition id”
    limit=”maximum number of teams to show”
    offset=”skip number of teams from top”
    team_id=”highlight a specific team and surroundings”]
    – Display Competition Standings Table.
  5. [wpse_team
    id=”team id”
    ] – Display Team Profile


  • Can i create custom Competition/Tournament ?
  • All Shortcodes


Please contact through –

Important note for existing Customers

We will be changing our Api server on next update 4.6.1. For that, you will have to delete all existing imported competitions, and re-import them from the new server. Sorry for that, but this will also include more statistics and fluent data updates. You will definitely love it.


Version: 4.7 - September 26 - 2017
 - New - Standing table columns can be ordered using "standing_columns" parameter name.
 - New - [wpse_match_title title_meta_first="true"] - to display dates, competition name, round name on top of team/scores
 - New - Display matches by date range. ex: [wpse_matches date_between="today 00:00, tomorrow 23:00" hide_more=1 per_page=9999]. Any date value that can be formatted with strtotime function is accepted.

Version: 4.5.9 - September 11 - 2015
- New Shortcode - [wpse_gamebox] - The static floating bar
- Competition Rounds.
- Automatic Standing table.
- Automatic Top Scorers table.
- New competition tab - Teams
- Start with last open tab
- Included Tinymce button
- Standing table for League without creating fixtures.
- Top scorer appearance and assistance.
- Match player management.
- Improved UI
- Improved Plugin update feature.

Version: 4.5.8 - May 08 - 2015
-- New: Bar match click action - Modal or Redirect
-- New: Auto/manual top scorers from match data.
-- Fix: All translation were missing

Version: 4.5.7 - April 06 - 2015
-- New: Competition Top Scorer
-- Improved: Bar template, color, responsiveness & smoothness

Version: 4.5.6 - March 24 - 2015
-- New: Suspension Point For Competition
-- Improved: Single Match Page

Version: 4.5.5 - March 20 - 2015
-- New: Soocer Engine Admin Bar
-- New: Shortcode [wpse_match] to display match card

Version: 4.5.4 - March 17 - 2015
-- Fix: Frontend Template content
-- Fix: Imported Live Matches data

Version: 4.5.3 - February 18 - 2015
-- New: Frontend template content
-- Fix: Competition table pagination
-- New: Choose different language for front/back end

Version: 4.5.2 - February 13 - 2015
-- New: Matchday Shortcode. Usage - [wpse_competition_matchdays id=x].
-- New: Portugese Translations
-- New: Display matches filtered by home/away teams

Version: 4.5 - January 20 - 2015
-- Improved: Importer, now competitions data import would work perfectly 
-- New: When events are hidden, it can be viewed by clicking on the match row 
-- New: Spanish Translation 
-- Fix: Competition table action links

Version: 4.4.9 - January 15 - 2015
-- Fixed: Invalid date issue on imported competitions

Version: 4.4.7 - January 9 - 2015
-- New: Teams Dropdown
-- New: Custom Styles
-- New: Admin Support Page
-- Improved: Admin UI

Version: 4.4.4 - December 12 - 2014
-- Improved: Now all shortcodes allow commong arguments
-- New: Shortcode [wpse_team_form] to display current form of a team

Version: 4.4.3 - December 7 - 2014
-- Fixed: The toolbar don’t display more than 5 competitions
-- Fixed: [wpse_team] shortcode don't display custom created teams statistics
-- Improved: [wpse_team] shortcode to highlight a team

Version 4.4.2 - December 6 - 2014
-- Fixed: Standing Points
-- New: Reorder soccer engine admin menu position
-- Improved: Translation.

Version 4.4.1 - December 5 - 2014
-- New: Assign Win/loose/draw points
-- Improved: Standing Shortcode. [wpse_standing limit=10 offset=5]
-- Improved: Dashboard Filter.
-- New: French Translation

Version 4.4 - December 3 - 2014
-- German & Italian translation included 

Version 4.3 - December 2 - 2014
-- Auto upgrade imported competitions using cronjob. 
-- Improved: Importer to run import process in chuck and update only 50 matches data per chunk.

Version 4.2 - November 30 - 2014
-- New: Tournament type competitions

Version 4.1 - November 22 - 2014
-- Fixed: Competition creation bug
-- New: Drag & Drop bar competition ordering

Version 4.0 - October 17 - 2014
-- Improved: Now Native WordPress Importer will also import team logo, tournament logo.
-- New: Team Template

Version 3.0 - October 14 - 2014
-- New: Match Events

Version 2.0 - October 11 - 2014

Version 1.0 - October 6 - 2014


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